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Searching through Tumblr You can always find images that make you laugh, cry, or even enrage you. Out of all the emotions one can find seaching in and out of Tumblr, one thing remains in all images is that each image will strike thought into the viewer. Thought, was a word that kept clicking with me when I veiwed my reseach of Marcus Aurelius. Philosphy in general is full of thought, and with my research being focused on a person who's famous for thinking, I knew this would be a great oppertunity to connect the two. So in the gallary above I have 6 images that will spark as much thought into my viewers as did when I read them.

Here is a gallery of my favorite quotes by Marcus Aurelius. These photos where inspired from photeos I've seen on Tumblr. 
Artistic Photos Displaying the Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius

Tumblr Inspired Quotes of Marcus Aurelius

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